Turn nearly ANY shoe into a dancing shoe with Danz Solz
Removable, Reusable, Reasonably Priced
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No need for special (and expensive) dance shoes! Just use Danz Solz stick-on soles on your favorite pair of shoes. Danz Solz stick to the soles of nearly ANY clean shoes (old or new) and make them perfect for dancing. Shoes slide, glide and pivot effortlessly over the dance floor. They even stick to Sneakers and Athletic shoes. Great for Ballroom, Jazz, Dancercize and any dance or excercise that requires shoes that slide. Now you can dance in your most comfortable or fashionable shoes. Best of all, no one will know you are wearing them! 
Black Danz Solz are made of vinyl coated cloth with a special adhesive that sticks to nearly any shoe. Clean removal with no residue when applied to clean soles and worn on the dance floor only. Not for street wear. No need for messy glue, and remove them anytime.
The size of each Medium Danz Solz is 2.25" wide by 3" long. Fit most youth/small women's shoe sizes. Size of each Large Danz Solz is 2.75" wide by 4.00" long. Fit larger women's and most men's sizes. Very large shoes may require 2 Danz Solz per shoe. May be cut to size for smaller children's shoes.
Reusable when used on clean, new shoes. Keep a pair in your purse, workout bag, or car so you are ready to dance anywhere! Great for dance studios and dance students! Danz Solze are the perfect stick on dance soles. Now dancing is fun in your favorite pair of shoes.